Hudson Statement on Fiscal Cliff Package

Washington, DC- Congressman-elect Richard Hudson issued the following statement on the House vote to increase taxes and continue reckless spending.

“I am deeply disappointed in the measure that passed the House last night. I was hopeful that Congress could find a true solution to get our fiscal house in order, but instead, they continue to kick the can down the road. The rhetoric we hear in Washington about the need to cut spending has again proven hollow and meaningless.

This package implements the largest tax hike in 20 years in return for spending increases. Washington does not have a revenue problem– it has a spending problem. We cannot continue to run annual deficits of over a trillion dollars while employing a suicidal monetary policy of printing money to buy our own debt. Washington’s spend-more solution to our impending fiscal crises is reckless and irresponsible. We cannot let it continue.

Last night’s punt is a moral and economic travesty. The “fiscal cliff” of 2012 is nothing compared to the damage we are doing to future generations of Americans who will be crushed by debt, paying the interest on our destructive spending policies because politicians today won’t stand up and say enough is enough.

The people of North Carolina’s 8th District put their trust in me to tackle serious issues like job creation and deficit reduction. Tomorrow, when I assume office, I plan to begin to advance a balanced budget amendment and collaborate with my colleagues on proposals that will put America on a path to economic prosperity through spending restraint.”



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