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Richard knows the importance of getting this economy growing and creating jobs. He is committed to conservative, pro-business principles that will help create jobs: cutting taxes, reducing excessive regulations and fully funding worker retraining programs at our community colleges. Richard rolls up his sleeves, works hard and remains focused on his goal of every worker having an opportunity at a good job.


Richard is 100% Pro-Life and fights for legislation which protects life from conception until natural death. He knows that life is a precious gift from God and should be protected at all stages.  Richard defends the ban on partial birth abortions and fight against any legislation which seeks to legalize euthanasia. Richard will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves and proactively defend life.

Taxes and Spending

As a solid conservative, Richard is certain of one thing: Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. That’s why Richard has pledged to never increase taxes as a member of Congress. With a federal budget deficit of nearly 2 Trillion Dollars and a national debt upwards of 15 Trillion Dollars, Richard believes it is long past time for conservatives to draw a line in the sand. We can count on him to fight to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, DC. Washington is broken and we need conservative solutions and steadfast leadership to fix it.

Richard is staunchly opposed to the practice of Congressional earmarks.  Richard believes Congress should spend taxpayer money as efficiently as possible.  Although earmarks represent a small portion of overall federal spending, the use of earmarks invites potential abuse and corruption.

Second Amendment Rights

A lifelong hunter, sportsman and member of the National Rifle Association, Richard knows the Second Amendment is America’s First Freedom. Richard vigorously defends the rights of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Richard knows that our God-given rights ensure that Americans can own firearms for hunting, shooting sports, self-defense or any other lawful purpose. That’s why we can count on him to be our Second Amendment champion in the halls of Congress.

Traditional Marriage

Richard believes that marriage should always be a sacred union between one man and one woman. He supports a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Traditional Marriage. Richard understands this is a necessary measure to stop radical federal judges from imposing their extreme agenda on our society. We can count on him to defend our conservative principles and traditional values.


As the son of a Cabarrus County public school teacher, Richard believes excellence in education should be a right of every child. That’s why he supports eliminating bloated education bureaucracy, so our tax dollars are used to educate children, not to fund liberal bureaucrats. Richard is also a strong supporter of school choice and believes competition is the best way to improve education performance at all levels. Richard fights for the right of parents to homeschool their children and he will maintain his strong support of charter schools.


Richard is opposed to a government takeover of our healthcare system and will work to overturn Obamacare. Doctors and patients should make healthcare decisions, not some nameless, faceless government bureaucrat. All Americans deserve access to high quality healthcare, when they need it, and at a price they can afford. We can reform our healthcare system with common sense solutions, but a one-size-fits all approach is not the answer.


Richard believes agriculture is the best industry for broad-based economic growth in the Eighth Congressional District. He works to roll back the rules and regulations implemented by the Obama Administration that hurt family farms and agriculture. Farming is the heart of our local communities and farm products are an essential part of life. Richard is committed to preserving and improving the economic climate so farming and agribusiness can flourish.


Richard supports Fair Trade.  He understands that our farmers and manufacturers need new markets through fair trade agreements.  Richard is deeply concerned about the massive job losses which have hurt the working families of the Eighth Congressional District. He knows a substantial portion of our manufacturing jobs have been lost due to trade deals which were unfair to North Carolina workers. Richard judges every trade proposal that comes before Congress by one simple standard: does it create or destroy jobs in the 8th District? When ANY trade deal is a bad deal for our farmers and workers, Richard will fight against it.


Richard opposes illegal immigration in all forms. He believes government should discontinue offering public assistance to illegals to discourage them from coming to America illegally. Richard will fight to build the entire fence along the Southern Border of the United States and believes securing the border is the necessary first step in reforming our immigration policy. He opposes amnesty for illegals and will work to ensure that illegals convicted of crimes are swiftly deported upon the completion of their sentence.

National Security and the War on Terror

Richard understands that winning the War on Terror is vital to our survival as a civilization. He will fight to provide our military and national security agencies with all the resources they need to defeat Islamic extremists who want to destroy our way of life. Richard believes the top priority of the federal government must be to protect the lives of the American people and he will work hard to make certain the government is living up to that responsibility.

Support for Israel

Click here to see RIchard’s position paper on US-Israeli relations.

Veterans’ Affairs

North Carolina is fortunate to be home to a large population of veterans. Richard will work tirelessly to ensure that every veteran is treated with dignity and respect. Like all North Carolinians, Richard is very grateful for the sacrifices our veterans made to preserve our freedoms and he will work every day to ensure that the promises our nation made to our men and women in uniform are promises kept.


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